The random photo screensaver is donationware or karmaware if you like. This is a form of shareware where you can decide yourself how much you find it worth.

The suggested donation is USD 15 / Eur 10, but your donation may be higher or lower. You however must make a donation if you wish to continue to use the software after 30 days. You can either either make your donation through PayPal using the form below or send cash.

Donate through PayPal

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Send envelopes stuffed with cash to

Marijn Kampf
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Llantwit Major
Vale of Glamorgan
CF61 1TJ
United Kingdom

Trail period

You may use this software on a trial basis free of charge for up to thirty (30) days in order to ascertain its usefulness for your purposes. Beyond that time, you are required to either remit payment (this must be $0.01 / 0.01 or more) for its use, or remove it from your computer.

You won't get a registration code as the software isn't crippled in any way. I rather spend my time developing useful features instead of a system that disables the software after 30 days or starts popping up nag screens to beg for money.

You will receive my gratitude and good karma :)

Multiple computers

Quite a few of Random Photo Screensaver users run it on more than one computer in their home and/or work PC. This is perfectly fine. Once you've made a donation you may use the screensaver on any computer you use on a regular basis. I leave it up to you whether you want to donate a bit more for multiple use or not.

New versions

Although some users make another donation for new versions - and I appreciate this. However, it is not required. Your donation is good for all future versions of the Random Photo Screensaver.