Shortcut keys

The list below contains the shortcut keys available, or see shortcut keys overview in config menu.

  Escape   Exit screensaver
  S   Show settings screen
  A/B   Open in browser
  Numpad 8 Next sequential image
  Numpad 2 Previous sequential image
  Numpad 6 Next random image
  Numpad 4 Previous random image
  Shift + ↑/↓/←/→   Jump 5 files
  Control + ↑/↓/←/→   Jump 25 files
  Alt + ↑/↓/←/→   Jump 100 files
P   Pause/resume slideshow
  R NumPad 1 Switch between random and sequential order
C   Copy path(s) of current media to clipboard
E   Open windows explorer window(s) with current media selected
Cltr+E   Open current media in external editor (if specified)
H   Set/clear hidden file attribute to media
F2   Rename current media file(s)
Delete   Place media in recycling bin
W   Set current image(s) as wallpaper
Rotate image
[   Rotate image 270° clock wise
]   Rotate image 90° clock wise
+   Rotate image 180°
F NumPad 7 Switch filename(s) on/off
I   Show selected monitor(s)
N/M   Switch quick metadata on/off
T NumPad 5 Switch between current time, screensaver running time and no clock
  U   Check for updates/install update
  Cltr+U   Ignore current update
  X   Hide update info
Multi monitor
0   Apply settings to all monitors
1...9   Select monitor 1 - 9
F12   Save debug information for monitor(s) to file