Sports screensavers features

The screensaver of are fully configurable. You can:
  • Set the number of balls in the screensaver
  • Set the speed of the balls
  • Toggle the clock on/off
  • Set the size, font and color of the clock
  • Toggle background logo on and off
  • Select whether balls should bounce
When the screensaver is running you can use the following keys to set the options:
+ Increase number images
- Decrease number images
Left arrow Decrease speed
Right arrow Increase speed
/ (Numpad) Make clock smaller
* (Numpad) Make clock bigger
Numpad 5 Toggle Clock
Numpad 7 Toggle background
Numpad 9 Toggle bouncing balls

Known bugs

  • It is possible to increase the number of balls in the screensavers. If there are a lot (and I mean a lot) of balls on the field simultaneously they may cluster together and not get unstuck any more.